Project Managent Services, Branded Environment and Trade Show Exhibit Services

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We create spaces and places that are COMPLETELY ABOUT YOUR BRAND.
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Architectural Design & Environmental Graphics, 3D Design


Through an in-depth brand discussion, we'll identify all the objectives you have for your program or project. Those objectives become the foundation for a unique Branded Environment that will transform any space into a place that works to accomplish your goals.

Global Transportation Services, Trade Show Program


Our production process is designed to make sure each and every aspect of your Branded Environment looks perfect and works impeccably. Nothing leaves the warehouse before a thorough inspection to guarantee that our rigorous quality standards are met.

Trade Show Exhibit Installation, Dismantle and Supervision


We offer two-way shipping to anywhere in the world, meeting the toughest delivery deadlines.

Branded Environment Technology, Lighting, and AV Service


With over 20 years of complex project management and execution, your dedicated Account Manager and full team coordinate every detail for you.

Branded Environment, Exhibits and Interiors, Catering & Furnishings


On site, we provide everything for you - freight management, installation, secure packing and outbound shipping, as well as supervision for the duration of the show or event.

Exhibit Maintenance, Storage and Management


We provide storage and maintenance in Massachusetts, Las Vegas, Utah, and Frankfurt, Germany.

"Hill & Partners were rock stars for us at CES! The level of service provided was unbelievable, with every detail well taken care of. Everyone was thrilled with how the booth came out."
- Samsonite
"The experience was like nothing we've ever seen before! It was as if they knew our brand as well as we did and were as passionate about it as we are. They far exceeded our expectations and response to our branded environment has been phenomenal. We couldn't ask for a better partner."
- VisionWeb
"Working with H&P has been a terrific experience and has helped our company continue to innovate and showcase itself as a leader. They're creative, innovative and have a true partnership approach."
- General Cigar
"Our People Become Your People" is more than just a slogan at Hill & Partners, it is the way they do business. We have had the pleasure of partnering with H&P for the last 2+ years. After one short meeting with the creative team, they presented us with an award winning design that speaks to our brand- who we are and what we offer our industry. Their professionalism, creativity and attention to detail make my job easy.”
- Optos
“We loved working with you guys! You can tell your team that literally every call; we got off the phone and said, “Thank God for them!” In a crazy few months of insane details, it was such a blessing to know that you guys had your end covered.”
“GREAT job for AAAA. I think the booth was the best it has ever looked, and Mike and the install team did a phenomenal job. I was very pleased and so was our aircrew team. We look forward to discussing our future partnership together.”
“I want reiterate what a pleasure it was to work with the entire Hill and Partners team. This was echoed by several of the Spok staff. The whole process was very easy and seamless. Thank you all again for your hard work and for making me look good. We had a tremendously successful show and you deserve much of the credit!”
“I would never do another trade show without your team involved.”