Hill & Partners was founded in 1995, created as an alternative to the traditional transaction-centered exhibit house experience. Our goal is to deliver high-level design, production, and account management services as a complete Branded Environment. We believe that this approach elevates the client experience within the face-to-face marketing space.

We're about relationships between our team members, our clients and our community. We collaborate to create, design, build and manage branded environments and events with unparalleled attention to detail and experience over 20 years in the making. We accomplish all this on time and on budget, without exception. We wouldn't have it any other way.


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  • Hill & Partners is founded in Quincy, MA with the goal of offering world-class organizations a more personal style of service for the design, build, and execution of trade show exhibits.
  • H&P signs its first client Malden Mills, now known as Polartec, starting a 20 year relationship.
  • Start of H&P’s foray into international shows, creating a partnership with Weissenborn that still continues today.
  • Polartec takes home Best Booth at Outdoor Retailer 1997, Hill & Partners’ first design award.
  • Hill & Partners travels to South America for the first time visiting Brazil with GTECH, now known as IGT.
  • In 1999, Hill & Partners moves locations opening a new, expanded office on 124 Old Colony Road in Quincy, MA.
  • In 2002, H&P wins a bid for global doughnut and coffeehouse chain Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • 2002 also saw Hill & Partners’ first venture into Commercial Branded Environments, completing a wall for Polartec in their home office.
  • At their first visit ever to TS2 in 2003, Hill & Partners wins Best in Show.
  • Global luggage manufacturer Samsonite becomes a client, a partnership that continues today.
  • Michael McMahon becomes Principal, President and CEO of Hill & Partners
  • The Falcon, an internal award for recognizing outstanding achievement was first handed out
  • Hill & Partners is recognized as one of the Boston area’s fastest growing companies, winning the Boston Business Journal’s Pacesetters Award
  • H&P Trademarks; Our People Become Your People™, a phrase that personifies their people-centric offering.
  • In 2010, Hill & Partners staff goes on their first build for Habitat for Humanity.
  • Optos, THE leader in retinal imaging, partners with H&P to create a Custom Branded Environment inspired by the human eye
  • Hill & Partners is on the move again, moving to a new complex in Weymouth, MA.
  • H&P visits Exhibitor for the first time in 2012, and takes home an Exhibitor award for their work with Sigg.
  • Hill & Partners adds National Grid to their roster of clients, creating Commercial Branded Environments in their New York City, Washington DC, and Syracuse.
  • In addition to a new office, in 2014 H&P gets a new look, too, undergoing an update to the original brand identity created in 1995.
  • In 2014, Hill & Partners received a Blue Ribbon Small Business Award from the US Chamber of Commerce.
  • Mark Holme, Hill & Partners Creative Director, is also recognized as the 2014’s Designer of the Year by the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association.
  • In 2014, H&P CEO Michael McMahon joins South Shore Habitat for Humanity’s Board of Directors.
  • Channel Advisor signs on with Hill & Partners in 2014, and the company executes their largest Event Branded Environment to date.
  • Michael McMahon named to EDPA’s s Vice President of EDPA’s Northeast Chapter in 2014.
  • In 2015, Hill & Partners celebrates 20 Years in business by being named to Inc. 5000’s list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.
  • In 2015, We Create Spaces and Places That Are Completely About Your Brand™ is added as an official Hill & Partners trademark.


We believe magic truly happens when Our People Become Your People™.

Michael McMahon

President/CEO Learn More

Amy Connery

Director of Culture & Talent Learn More

Mike Vallone

Exhibit Designer Learn More

Paul Cunningham

Project Manager & Estimator Learn More

Sarah McGill

Controller Learn More

Josh Terceira

Senior Graphic Designer Learn More

John Neil

Account Manager Learn More

Rick Lenz

Account Executive Learn More

Mark Holme

Creative Director Learn More

Joe Brosnan

Director of Accounts Learn More

Trevor Beniak

Exhibit Designer

Whitney Crowley

Event Manager Learn More

Mike Riley

Project Manager Learn More

Mike Geary

Project Manager

Cortney Beaton

Assistant Office Manager

Nic Garofalo

Project Manager

Lauren Wood

Sales Manager Learn More

Sean Pulera

Sales Manager

Rob Duffany

Graphic Designer

Ben Solberg

Associate Project Manager - CAD Detailer

Kenny Hill

Operations Manager
- Las Vegas

Woody Atkinson

Warehouse Manager
- Las Vegas

Kelsey Miner

Marketing Coordinator

Kathleen Luce

Director of Marketing

Greg Poole

Sales Manager

Derrick Amodei

Assistant Project Manager


At H&P, going above and beyond is par for the course. What goes into our collaborations, discussions, and every touch point to get your project off the ground would not be possible without Our People and their passion. Simply put, we do what we love and we love what we do.

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