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Catalyst Americas 2016

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ChannelAdvisor is the leading provider of cloud-based ecommerce solutions, helping retailers and brand manufacturers connect with online consumers for over a decade.

Through their partnership with Hill & Partners, ChannelAdvisor has transformed their Catalyst Americas event into the premier online retail event year over year, offering unparalleled networking and education opportunities for the entire ecommerce world.

RESULTS: Predictable Growth

Increase in sponsors
from 2014 to 2016
Renewal Rate

Rethinking the EXPERIENCE

ChannelAdvisor's partnership with Hill & Partners began at Catalyst 2014, with a mission to redefine the event for sponsors, attendees, and, most importantly, ChannelAdvisor themselves.

In previous years, the Sponsor Pavilion - the central hub of the Catalyst event - was visually confusing and discordant. Sponsors were responsible for designing their own areas, resulting in wild variation from space to space. ChannelAdvisor's own brand presence was drowned in the noise, unacceptably taking a backseat at their own event.


ChannelAdvisor's brand presence at Catalyst was of utmost importance - the ChannelAdvisor space at the center of Catalyst Pavilion needed to stand out and properly reflect their position as a leader in the ecommerce industry.

Catalyst Sponsors

To unify the look and feel of the Catalyst Pavilion, a streamlined turnkey solution for sponsor areas was required. At the same time, the uniform spaces demanded sufficient branding opportunities for sponsors to transform their areas into unique brand experiences.

Channel Attendees

The Catalyst Pavilion is multi-purpose, housing the welcome reception, breakfast and lunch, and various networking breaks throughout the duration of the event. Comfort, navigability, and functionality were paramount in creating a space attendees would want to spend time in.

The Branded Environment:

Managing everything that goes into an event the size of Catalyst can be a daunting task, especially when part of it is handling the needs of nearly 40 sponsors. Upon arriving at Catalyst Pavilion on opening day, ChannelAdvisor and all of the Catalyst sponsors could expect to find a fully branded space waiting for them, along with several members of the Hill & Partners Event Development Team on hand to help with anything they might need during the duration of the entire event.

catalyst pavilion multi-functional networking space catalyst pavilion multi-functional networking space catalyst pavilion multi-functional networking space catalyst pavilion multi-functional networking space catalyst pavilion multi-functional networking space

Catalyst Pavilion

The Heart of Catalyst 2016

  • Multi-functional space used for networking, breakfast and lunch, and Catalyst 2016's Welcome Reception.
  • ChannelAdvisor's space, at the center of the Pavilion, commanded the room, and the ChannelAdvisor brand was carried through all details.
  • Catalyst Theater, at the back of the Pavilion, was designed as a private theater area to be utilized for various sponsor presentations throughout the event.

H&P Project Team Leads

Whitney Crowley

Project Manager

Whitney's role on the H&P Catalyst Team was to act as a direct extension of the ChannelAdvisor staff - she became an indispensable liason between ChannelAdvisor and the nearly 40 sponsors of the Catalyst Event. Whitney was available 24/7 to handle all of the particulars that go into an Event Branded Environment as unique as Catalyst.

Paul Cunningham

Project Manager

Paul was in charge of handling all the moving parts that culminated in a successful Catalyst opening - managing production, shipping, install, and dismantle for the entirety of the Catalyst Pavilion. Paul's duty was to ensure every piece was in its proper place and waiting for both ChannelAdvisor and the sponsors upon arrival.

Josh Terceira

Graphic Designer

Josh was the on-call graphic designer for each and every sponsor of Catalyst, walking them through their space, facilitating production, and acting as a personal in-house designer for all the sponsors who needed assistance in the creation of assets. In addition to this, he also faciliated all the graphic production for ChannelAdvisor's presence in the Pavilion.

"For the third year in a row, Hill & Partners has been essential in making the Catalyst Conference a success. Their branding expertise and insightful consultations made for a seamless experience for the nearly 40 sponsors of the event and created a uniform space that met each of their unique needs. By partnering with Hill & Partners, ChannelAdvisor can be assured that every step of the event planning process is handled with efficiency and professionalism, guaranteeing a positive experience for every single person involved." - Candace Velazquez, Events Manager, ChannelAdvisor
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