Custom Branded Environment for Optos at Academy of Optometry Trade Show, Inside Exhibit


In 2011, Optos Inc. a leading provider of diagnostic and treatment devices for eyecare professionals, asked us to team up with them to showcase the launch of their newest ultra-widefield retinal scanner. What began with a specific product launch in mind turned into a partnership to communicate the benefits of their industry-leading technology for improved retina care



To help accomplish the Optos Vision to become THE Retina Company by creating a powerful brand presence at industry trade shows and to effectively launch the newest product, a desktop style retinal scanning device called the DAYTONA.
Custom Pre-Show Mailer Packaging for Optos, Academy of Optometry Trade Show

To accomplish their requested NEW VISION, the two main areas of focus would be to create a new brand position at industry trade shows and to produce an innovative product launch.

Custom Pre-Show Mailer for Optos, Glowing Orb, Academy of Optometry Trade Show

All concepts were created to stimulate curiosity, excitement and buzz for the brand through a mysterious new product, revealed at the 2011 Academy of Optometry show.

Custom Branded Environment for Optos at Academy of Optometry Trade Show, Full Exhibit

SOLUTION: A cutting-edge, spherical 40x40 branded environment replicating the organic shape of an eyeball.

Custom Branded Environment for Optos at Academy of Optometry Trade Show, Product Launch

Glowing pre-show mailers and a rotating sphere containing a revolving pedestal to reveal the Daytona product.

Branded Environment for Optos, Event Design and Management

An upscale, after-show event held at the Boston Museum of Science.

Custom Branded Environment for Optos, Inside Exhibit Design


Above average scores provided by the E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation for "Stand Out Exhibits" in all areas including garnering attendee attention, effective corporate identity integration into the design, and effective product display.

CEO, Roy Davis, added, "The strong growth in our revenues, increasing 35% this year reflects the successful implementation of a number of key strategic changes during the past year."
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